Santa Cruz Surf School is a long-standing brand in the Santa Cruz Surfing Community. This School strives to provide a safe and fun surfing experience. The Owner, Manager and all Surf Instructors are highly qualified. Please see below an over-view of the owner’s qualifications.

To become a proficient surfer, one must learn five basic steps. These steps are: paddling out, catching waves, standing up, riding waves, coming in. Many classes allow our surfing students to ride waves. This step, while the most fun, is accomplished largely because of the knowledge and skill of the instructor. We encourage students to learn all five steps. We also encourage our students to take more than one class. Surfing is not a sport which can be mastered in one day. It takes some practice to get a feel for it and become proficient. And, surfing students gain skills at various speeds. However, once a surf student gains sufficient skills, the inspiration and fun of the sport can last a lifetime. Many of our surf instructors have been surfing most of their lives. We strive to share the thrill of surfing, which is an activity well over 250 years old and often called the “Sport of Kings.”

Some training… some paddling… and a little nudge over the edge…

Starting out surfing is a humbling and amazing experience that demands respect for oneself, other surfers and, above all, the power and beauty of the ocean. We’d like to help you into this experience.

Santa Cruz Surf SchoolAt Santa Cruz Surf School you will be getting lessons from educated, positive surfers who have dedicated their lives to knowing and appreciating the spots they surf and teach at. Our instructors are highly qualified, mature, lifelong Santa Cruz Surfers certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR. You can pick from male or female instructors who are some of the most patient people you’ll ever meet. If you like a particular instructor, please request them for your following classes and they will work with you as you progress.

We are striving to maintain a healthy balance in the water, so as many people as possible can enjoy the Sport of Kings, while having as small an impact as possible on other locals’ home breaks. To do this, we maintain that learning surf etiquette and water safety comes first, and we teach our beginning classes exclusively at Santa Cruz’s best beginner’s surf spot: Cowell’s.

Surfers you see today at the top spots with the best waves have likely been surfing throughout their entire lives. Many of them had parents who surfed and passed down the skill. At Santa Cruz Surf School, we realize that many people who didn’t grow up around surf and surfing have not had this opportunity, and we’d like to give it to them.

Santa Cruz Surf School believes that surfing is a rare chance to see a side of life most people never knew existed– and we’d like to extend that opportunity to anyone with a desire to learn. For that reason, we also offer “scholarships” (free lessons) to kids from low-income families. If you feel you or your child may qualify for this program, please contact us for more information.

While surfing at Cowell’s you may see a variety of wild life including Sea Otters, Dolphins, Whales and Seals. Surfing can truly be the thrill of your life.

My name is David Meyberg and I am the owner of the Santa Cruz Surf School. I learned to surf in a surfing lesson at Cowell’s when I was eleven years old. I can still remember my surf instructor and my first ride. Since that time, I became a junior lifeguard and competitive surfer. I began working as a Beach Lifeguard in Santa Cruz two days after I met the minimum age requirement. I went on to protect and save countless people lives over 14 seasons as a tower guard, junior lifeguard instructor and Beach Lifeguard Supervisor. I am a graduate of paramedic school and worked for both an ambulance company and fire department. I am a widely published author of ocean safety information. As a surfing instructor, I have taught numerous surfing lessons to children and adults.
It is my goal to make your surfing experience a success. I have a highly trained and professional staff. I am very proud of my staff. They really are an awesome group of people because they are friendly and patient and great working with people with varying skill levels.
Several of the surf school instructors have been working for the surf school for years. Their wave knowledge and techniques will enhance your surfing experience. And, since surfing is new to our students we encourage you to ask questions. We want you to be comfortable. The surf instructors enjoy what they do and it results in successful lessons.